Instructions for using FedConnect

FedConnect is a new system that Department of Energy, Department of Homeland Security, Department of Interior, and others may require for submission of research proposals. This system has not yet been used by UW-Madison for proposal submission. There is a requirement that individuals, as well as institutions, register before using the system. However, the registration process is not fully functional, and individuals may not receive their passwords in a timely fashion.

For any individuals that are going to be making application under any opportunity which will need to be submitted through FedConnect, the first point of contact must be Meredith Luschen at CALS Research Division, (608) 261-1500 or, due to the extreme complexity of this application system.

Given those problems and the very short notice of the need to use FedConnect, RSP recommends the following process for submitting proposals to FedConnect:

  1. Download the Adobe forms from
  2. Complete the application on the Adobe forms
  3. Attach the Adobe forms package to the WISPER record for review
  4. Be sure to note in WISPER that this is a FedConnect submission
  5. Process the application through your Dean’s office for routing to RSP
  6. RSP will submit the application package to FedConnect
  7. RSP cannot submit proposals after 4:30 p.m. We recommend the proposal reach RSP by noon the day before the deadline to allow sufficient time for transmission through any electronic submission system.

Please Note:

  • If RSP submits the proposal for you, there is no need for you to register in FedConnect
    • The FedConnect registration process does not work well at this point
    • It is faster for RSP to submit your proposal than to complete the registration process
  • You must include a note in the WISPER record that the submission is to FedConnect. Your Adobe forms will look identical to a submission
  • Some deadlines are as late as midnight. RSP does not have staff available to submit after regular business hours.

For More Information:

See the RSP website,

Contact Vince Borleske, 262-5469,, or Cheri Gest, 262-4880,