CALS revises academic policies related to the Dean’s List and probationary status

Effective at the start of the fall 2009 semester, CALS will be making several significant changes to its academic policies regarding both dean’s list and probationary status. In order to keep pace with the higher GPA of CALS students in the past decade, the minimum semester GPA for inclusion on Dean’s List will rise from 3.25 to 3.5, effective fall 2009. In addition, CALS has adopted a new, simpler set of Undergraduate Scholastic Actions, which apply to students in academic difficulty. These will be applied for the first time in fall 2008. The changes include:

  • Deleting the status called “warning.”
  • Combining the categories of “probation,” “continued probation,” “strict probation,” and “continued strict probation,” into a single status called “probation.”
  • Adding to the requirements for “removal from probation.”

For more information on these changes, watch for the new edition of the Undergraduate Catalog, due out this summer, or contact the Dean on Call in 116 Ag Hall.