Fund 142 Project Budgets WISDM status update

As many of you know, there have been some issues when viewing 142 budgets in WISDM. Read on to hear about what to expect when viewing your award in WISDM, and view some resources for managing your budget. Regarding the 142 project budget WISDM view for Supplies & Services, CALS has completed our portion of the fix. However, we continue to not see the budget loaded back into WISDM financial reporting summary.

This is an issue pending resolution by RSP and DoIT. This process is complicated and may take some time to correct because WISDM financial reporting is external from the PeopleSoft Grants system budget. All budget loads back into Supplies & Services have to be loaded into WISDM. We hope that they will continue working on the final fixes next week. Unfortunately, we cannot predict when all project budgets will appear correctly in WISDM.

Meanwhile, please continue to use your own shadow system to monitor expenditures and budget balances. For those who do not have a shadow system, we recommend establishing an Excel worksheet. A template is available on the CALS Research Division Hatch Project Information page.

NOTE: ORIGINAL BUDGET for supplies and services can be seen by drilling down to the detail level in WISDM.

CAUTION: Please review your Award Action Notices for any rebudgeting to/from the Supplies & Services that will need to be factored into establishing your current budget amount. ALL department managers and PI receive the Action Award Notices.