Wis. Stem Cell Symposium: Cancer, Stem Cells and Cancer Stem Cells — April 15

Register now for the 4th Annual Wisconsin Stem Cell Symposium: Cancer, Stem Cells & Cancer Stem Cells, April 15.

Coordinated by the University of Wisconsin Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine Center and BioPharmaceutical Technology Center Institute (BTCI), this symposium brings together world leaders in the area of cancer stem cells, and recruitment of tumor precursor cells. The focus is on basic cellular and molecular mechanisms that govern the cell growth potential of tumors, and whether there is a relationship between the long-lived/immortal cells of tumors and the long-lived/immortal cells of somatic tissues.

Highlighted issues:
· Breast cancer – is it a stem cell based disease?
· How do somatic stem cells relate to lung tumor development?
· How do these systems compare to the rapidly regenerating lineages such as the hematopoietic lineage?
· What do we need to know about stem cells to understand brain tumors?
· Does this information need to be incorporated into therapeutic strategies?

Speakers include: Caroline Alexander (UW-Madison), Wade Bushman (UW-Madison), George Q. Daley (Howard Hughes Medical Institute), Peter Dirks (University of Toronto), William F. Dove (UW-Madison), Carla Bender Kim (Harvard Stem Cell Institute), John S. Kuo (UW-Madison), Michael T. Lewis (Baylor College of Medicine), and Luis F. Parada (University of Texas Southwestern) and Max S. Wicha, (University of Michigan).

Register at More information is available at or by calling 608-273-9737 . Please post the event poster wherever you think there will be interest. Brochures are also available by contacting Sue Gilbert at