Daryl Lund honored by Institute of Food Technologists for lifetime contributions

Daryl Lund, Professor Emeritus of Food Science, is the 2009 recipient of the Nicholas Appert Award, the highest honor bestowed by the Institute of Food Technologists, given in recognition of preeminence in and contributions to the field of food technology.

Beginning in the 1970s, Lund’s research at UW-Madison focused on three key areas of food science: fouling of food contact surfaces, reaction kinetics in foods, and microwave-assisted food processing. His team’s research on fouling of food surfaces highlighted the importance of the issue for food processors and resulted in the establishment of the International Conference on Fouling and Cleaning in Food Processing, which later became a part of the International Conference on Engineering and Food.

Lund has demonstrated stellar leadership in a variety of roles, serving as department chair for the Departments of Food Science at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Rutgers; Dean of the Colleges of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Rutgers and Cornell; Executive Director of the North Central Regional Association of State Agriculture Experiment Stations Directors at UW-Madison; President of IFT (1990–91); and President-elect of the International Academy of Food Science and Technology (2008-2010).