Please contribute whatever you can to the 2008 Partners in Giving Campaign

A message from Dean Jahn: In the time I’ve been a part of CALS, I have been deeply impressed by the engagement, accomplishment and generosity that exemplifies our College community.  A very important reflection of these values is our College’s participation in The Partners in Giving Campaign.  Last year, we renewed our effort to demonstrate these CALS values through our participation in this campaign.  Partners in Giving draws support from across the UW System and our state government agencies for organizations that touch our own lives and communities in many ways.  Many of these organizations are also crucially important to those in our community who are less fortunate.  Our improvement in participation and overall giving in 2007 was recently recognized with a beautiful plaque now on display in our office that marked the success of those efforts.  While clearly the value of this improvement is widely recognized by those organizations that benefit, it also puts forward an important statement about our College and who we are.  Now we’d like to come back and do it again! 
Recently you received materials for the 2008 Partners in Giving campaign.  Please take some time to read the information and consider participating in this extremely worthwhile campaign.

Organizations receiving support through Partners in Giving provide a multitude of services that enhance the quality of life in Madison and surrounding communities.  You can direct your gifts according to your wishes, and even the smallest gift counts towards participation.  While we are very proud to have been recognized in 2007 for second most improved participation, we know we can do even better in 2008.  We recognize that there may be special hardships that prevent some individuals from contributing, but we hope that you will consider giving even one dollar to signal your awareness of this cause and your support for CALS effort to demonstrate that our College community cares.

Together we can demonstrate a better representation of our College in this important effort and every contribution of any size is appreciated.  There are so many worthy, charitable organizations that need your help.  Please don’t let it set on your desk and get buried.  Anyone who makes a contribution to the campaign can receive four complimentary tickets to the women’s basketball game against Michigan State University on February 22nd.  Return the pledge card to your departmental coordinator today!

If you have questions, please contact me, Associate Dean Frank Kooistra, or your department/unit coordinator. Thank you.

Molly Jahn
Dean, College of Agricultural and Life Sciences