Oct. 15 symposium: How to grow more food and fiber on a smaller carbon footprint

On the day before World Food Day, a group of agricultural leaders will gather to discuss how technology can be harnessed to meet the world’s need for food, fiber and fuel while reducing their industry’s carbon footprint. The UW-Madison Renk Agribusiness Institute will host a symposium entitled “World Food Challenge: Role of Technology in Food Production” on October 15th from 10:30–11:15 a.m. in the Ebling Symposium Hall, Microbial Sciences Building, 1550 Linden Dr.

Panelists will include Chris Policinski, president and chief executive officer of Land O’ Lakes, Inc., Jerry Steiner, executive vice president of Monsanto Corporation, and David Nevill, Senior Manager of Biotech Development and Stewardship at Sygenta Global. The moderator will be Randy Fortenbery, Director of the Renk Agribusiness Institute.

The symposium marks the introduction of the John E. Gherty Distinguished Lecture Series. The series was initiated with a gift from John Gherty, former CEO of Land O’ Lakes Inc. and the Land O’Lakes Foundation to the Renk Agribusiness Institute. The Renk Agribusiness Institute was established in 1996 to provide executive business educational opportunities to agriculture producers and agribusiness.