Confronting crisis in ag and global development is theme of Borlaug Symposium, Oct. 17

Confronting Crisis is the theme of this year’s World Food Prize’s  “Borlaug Dialogue” symposium being held Oct. 17 in Des Moines. This presents an opportunity for global leaders and experts to take stock of current trends in agriculture and assess the extent to which current challenges or promises will impact food production, food security, the environment, and global development over the long-term.

These “conversations” will be particularly compelling in the context of issues including:

  • the rising cost of food production and food security;
  • the ongoing challenge of a Green Revolution in Africa;
  • promoting women’s leadership opportunities and gender equity in development;
  • new prospects for food and agricultural trade reform under the Doha Round;
  • the threats of climate change and biodiversity loss;
  • changing patterns in food aid, development assistance, and partnerships in education;
  • urbanization and development trends in emerging areas; and
  • the private sector’s role in research and development across the food system

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