Watch out for tuition remission for NIH trainees

The Graduate School is asking accountants and department administrators to look carefully at their tuition bills if they have NIH trainees in their department. Trainees will never qualify for tuition remission, unless they are appointed in summer following a TA/RA/PA position in the spring.

If you see trainees on your bill who only have fees listed, please look further to see if these students were incorrectly authorized for tuition remission. If so, follow the procedure outlined at to remove these students from the tuition remission list. Follow the link for “Tuition Remission Authorization List”, which will provide you with the correct document to send to Business Services.

The document should be sent to Make sure to put TUITION REMISSION REMOVAL in the subject line or body of the email, as well as on the form. After sending the email, cross out the incorrect amount on the bill and hand write in the correct amount of the student’s tuition costs.

If you have problems, contact Chris Cleary-Hinz at the Bursar’s Office.