Info for classified staff who serve as election officials

The coming November election may see some of our employees working the polls on election day as an election official. State statute 7.33 (4) provides that state employees may act as “election officials” without loss of pay when their election duties occur on a scheduled workday. An election official means an individual who is charged with any duties relating to the conduct of an election. This includes poll workers. It does NOT include employees who are performing work for a particular candidate or political party.
If a classified employee is asked to serve as an election official they should complete the Classified Employee Request to Serve as an Election Official form ( at least seven days prior to the election date. The employee shall be granted time off for the entire 24-hour period of the Election Day in which the employee serves as an election official. Upon completion of the work as an election official, the employee shall certify in writing the amount of compensation they received for their service. That amount will be deducted from the employee’s pay that they earned from their paid leave.

Please contact Meghan Owens, CALS Human Resources, with any questions at 265-2224 or