The Ag Hall steps have disappeared

In case you haven’t noticed, the crumbling steps leading from Linden Avenue to the plaza in front of Ag Hall are being reduced to rubble and hauled away. The plaza and front doors remain open, but the steps themselves will be out of commission for the month of August, which unfortunately includes the beginning of the fall semester. That means that anyone heading for Ag Hall will have to get there by alternative routes — either the west sidewalk from the Hiram Smith Hall and the Microbial Sciences Building, or the sidewalk by the driveway to the east.

When they’re done, the steps will look the same as always, minus the massive chips and craters caused by last winter’s freezing and thawing and decades of foot traffic. The oval planter has been removed but will be reinstalled. The planters with the herbaceous “UW“ monogram will remain in place.