Memo on faculty hiring, promotions, retirements and sabbaticals

The following memo from Irwin L. Goldman, Vice Dean and Associate Dean for Research, outlines deadlines regarding faculty personnel issues:

Requests for new faculty positions. The deadline for requests for new faculty positions is February 2, 2009 and should include: position description, title of position, level of position (assistant professor except under extraordinary circumstances), expected research area of position, and expected contribution to the teaching effort for the College. You are encouraged to include the date and relevant recommendations from your department’s most recent external review. In addition, departments may provide additional information for review by the APC and the Dean’s group that might include how this position fits into the staffing plan for the department, the relationship of the requested position to ongoing or anticipated strategic hires, etc. Multi-department submissions are encouraged.

Promotions from assistant to associate professor. Divisional committees will be reviewing files throughout the academic year but must be received with sufficient time to carry out a review. The last date that the Divisional Committees will accept files for review are as follows: Arts and Humanities-April 16, 2009; Biological Sciences-April 17, 2009; Physical Sciences-April 16, 2009; and Social Studies-April 16, 2009. This schedule is tentative for second semester so we will keep you informed of any changes. Please submit four copies of the promotion packet to the Dean’s Office (140 Ag. Hall) no later than one week before it is due to the Divisional Committee. The packet will be discussed on a Monday morning at our weekly administrative meeting, so please make every effort to deliver the packet in time for this meeting.

Promotion from associate to full professor.
Promotions to full professor must be submitted to the Dean’s Office by March 27, 2009. Please submit four copies of the promotion packet.

Emeritus requests. Emeritus requests may be submitted at any time. Please submit a request for emeritus status before the actual retirement date. The Chancellor’s Office also requests a one- to two-page summary statement of the retiring professor’s career for use in press releases, etc.

Sabbatical requests must be received in the Dean’s Office by September 24, 2008. The web site for sabbatical requests is

Janis Simons will work with me on faculty hires and promotions as well as sabbatical requests. Please route all requests and questions regarding faculty issues through Janis to me.