Important info about Aug. 1-11 outage of Integrated Student Information System

Between August 1st at 5 p.m. and August 11th at 8 a.m., the UW-Madison Integrated Student Information System (ISIS) will be unavailable to campus while it enters the final implementation phase of its version 9.0 software upgrade. During this outage, student data will be frozen with no structural changes or updates possible. However the data warehouse, Query Library, and R25 WebViewer will be available for use during the ISIS shutdown. Following is a list of major ISIS-related work processes not available. For more information on issues related to the outage, ISIS website at

Registrar’s Office (Student Records & Enrollment)

  • Student and Faculty Centers
  • DARS reports
  • Deans drop requests
  • Course change requests
  • Academic actions
  • Grading
  • Withdrawals
  • Program/plan changes
  • Transcripts (must be ordered by the end of Wednesday, July 30)

Student Financial Services

  • Student Center self-service modules, `View Financial Aid’ and Accept/Decline Awards’ will not be available
  • No processing of forms received
  • Award notifications cannot be sent out
  • No certification of loan applications
  • No disbursement of funds to student accounts
  • No counselor appointments

Bursar’s Office

  • Student Center self-service modules, `Tuition Account Summary’ and `Make a Payment’ will not be available
  • No Third Party Deferral authorizations will be posted (but can be sent to Bursar’s Office for post Aug. 11 posting)
  • No Tuition Remissions will be posted (but can be sent to Bursar¿s Office for post Aug. 11 posting)
  • No campus-based or external scholarships will be posted to student accounts
  • No student or parent (PLUS loan) refunds will be processed (short term loans will be available on an emergency basis).
  • No posting of Payments received

Undergraduate Admissions

  • There will be no application processing (examples: entering new applications, making admission decisions, sending acknowledgment or decision letters, making application information updates/changes)
  • Transfer credit related to exams (AP, IB, CLEP) or college courses will not be processed
  • Applicant status information through My UW will not be available

Graduate School Admissions

  • Applications, including reentries, can be entered and submitted but cannot be viewed or processed by the departments
  • Term changes cannot be processed
  • I20s cannot be processed
  • Applicant status check will be viewable, but data will be frozen as of Aug. 1
  • Note: Letters of Recommendation will not be affected

Continuing Studies

  • University special and guest student applications (on line and hard copy) can be submitted, but will not be processed until August 11
  • Appointments with advisors and counselors will be available, but staff will not have access to student records
  • Please see the list under Registrar’s Office

How You Can Help!

Please plan to do any necessary work in advance of the 5:00 p.m. shutdown on August 1. For example, advisors may wish to run DARS reports early for appointments that occur during the shutdown. Those instructors with summer session courses ending before the upgrade are encouraged to complete as much grading as possible before the system becomes unavailable.

  • Start planning related to processes and communication
  • Share what you learn with your departments, chair, faculty, students, applicants
  • Do you have a website that needs a notice about the upgrade or outage period?
  • Reduce/eliminate `surprise factor’
  • If you hear a rumor, check it out by emailing