CALS in the News June 30 – July 3, 2008

News about CALS faculty and staff…

Edible Anti-freeze Saves Ice Cream 7/2008 (1.32 Video)
Quoted: Srinivasan Damodaran, Food Science

Antifreeze can unfreeze ice cream, UW scientist finds
Capital Times online 7/2/2008
Quoted: Srinivasan Damodaran, Food Science

Can You Guess How Many Mosquitoes Are In This Jar?
Wisconsin State Journal 6/28/2008
Quoted: Patrick Irwin, Entomology
Quoted: Susan Paskewitz, Entomology

In Dane County, farmers are the biggest victims of June’s floods
Capital Times online 7/2/2008
Quoted: David Fischer, Dane County Extension
Mentioned: UW System

Grow Your Own Vegetable Garden
Madison Magazine 6/2008
Quoted: Judith Reith-Rozelle,assistant superintendent, West Madison Agricultural Research Station
Quoted: Ann Munson, Dane County Extension
Mentioned: UW-Madison Soil Testing Lab

Lignin expert chooses to pursue biofuels research at UW-Madison
University News Service
Quoted: John Ralph, Biochemistry
Quoted: Tim Donohue, GLBRC director
Mentioned: Fachuang Lu, Dairy Forage Research Center
Mentioned: Hoon Kim, Dairy Forage Research Center

Of interest …

Support economy’s hot spot
Wisconsin State Journal editorial 6/26/2008

Focus on energy series
The Wall Street Journal online 7/2008 (multimedia)

Corporate labeling increases on UW campus
Wisconsin State Journal
Quoted: Alan Fish, associate vice chancellor
Quoted: Russell Howes, UW-Foundation