New Wiscard serves as campus photo ID, debit and meal card, and offers building access

The new Wiscard not only sports a new look – it will simplify matters for UW students, faculty and staff by performing four functions in one: serve as a campus photo ID, offer secure building access and work as a debit and meal plan card.

Current UW ID card services remain the same, such as containing the bar code that allows the holder to check out library books and the magnetic stripe for accessing Recreation Sports buildings as well as using the Campus Cash debit feature and Housing Food or Union Meal plans.

The changes occurring with the new Wiscard include:

  • Wiscard is the new name of the Campus Photo ID Card.
  • There is a new logo and a new card design.
  • The Photo ID Office is now known as the Wiscard Office, at Union South,
  • The access cards will no longer be made by University Police Dept. They will be made at the Wiscard Office in Union South. Current access cards will continue to operate until their five-year limit expires. Then the holder will need to go to the Wiscard Office to obtain a new ID.
  • Lost cards will cost $25 beginning June 1.
  • The main difference is that the new card is equipped to become a door access card for campus buildings.

Unless contacted by your building, cardholders do not need to get a card right away since the door access key will still work.

There is no charge to get a new card when surrendering the current one. However, the Wiscard Office request that cardholders refrain from requesting new cards during the summer due to the volume associated with new students obtaining cards during SOAR.

For more information on the new Wiscard program, contact 262-3258 or email us at