Social Science Research Council offers Dissertation Proposal Development Fellowship

The Social Science Research Council invites faculty applications for its Dissertation Proposal Development Fellowship. This program is designed to help graduate students in the humanities and social sciences formulate doctoral dissertation proposals that are intellectually pointed, amenable to completion in a reasonable time frame, and competitive in fellowship competitions. The program is administered by the Social Science Research Council and is funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

The program is organized around distinct “research fields” — subdisciplinary and interdisciplinary domains with common intellectual questions and styles of research. Each year, an SSRC Field Selection Committee selects five fields proposed by pairs of research directors who are tenured professors at different doctoral degree-granting programs at U.S. universities. Research directors receive a stipend of $10,000.

Research director applicants are required to apply as teams of two. Each applicant should be either trained or practice in different disciplines as appropriate for an interdisciplinary research proposal. Applicants must be experienced supervisors of dissertation research.

Research directors in the 2009 cycle are required to participate in both program workshops: Spring Workshop, May 28-31, 2009 (location TBA); and Fall Workshop, September 10-13, 2009 (location TBA).

Detailed information on eligibility, selection criteria, and the application/award timeline, as well as materials from previous DPDF cycles, are available on the SSRC Web site. (Information for potential 2009 DPDF student applicants will be available in the fall of 2008.)