June 19 seminar on student diversity and retention

This is a reminder about an opportunity to more deeply explore the factors that affect the retention of ALANA (African-American, Latino/a, Asian-American, and Native American) students in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) disciplines.

The Sloan Project for Diversity in STEM Retention, through the UW Center on Education and Work (CEW), is offering a seminar entitled, “Effective Engagement and Retention: Using Theory, Research, and Practice to Keep Students in STEM Degrees.” It was created to offer (1) an extended discussion of retention scholarship and (2) development of tailored retention action plans through formal consultation that can be implemented at participants’ campuses.

The event will be held June 19-20, 2008 at the Fluno Center, UW-Madison. The seminar fee is now $35 per person, regardless of team size. If you need help with the fee, contact information is provided.

This is a rich program, with solid scholarship, practical application and assessment planning, and lively dialogues among participants. There is still space for 10-15 more participants.

Teams are still forming and please follow up ASAP if you would like to participate in this seminar. Time is running out. Visit the registration link on the Center for Education and Work (CEW) website given below and fax in your registration form.

For more information and registration forms, go to:

If you have difficulty accessing the information from that link, go to: and click on the “Trainings and Workshops” tab.

To learn more about the Sloan Project and efforts to date, visit the Wiki page devoted to STEM Retention at

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