New website offers info for state’s commercial ornamental plant growers has debuted as an information resource site for Wisconsin’s Commercial Herbaceous Ornamental industry. The site’s goal, according to Eileen Nelson of the Department of Horticulture at UW Madison, is to provide growers with a portal to information that already exists. “A grower doesn’t have time to sit and surf the web looking for the information they need.” said Nelson. “The goal is serve as a hub, accumulating the latest information on topics like production, marketing, and management. There is a lot of information available from academic and commercial resources all over the world. If we can pull some of it in to one spot, we’ll save our growers time and time is money.”

The interactive website provides:
• A forum for questions, answers and observations
• Links to information from industry, professional organizations and educational institutions
• A calendar of upcoming events that allows one to set a reminder for yourself
• The ability to “subscribe” to portions of the site, so the user can be notified directly when new items are posted
• Opportunity for feedback, comments and questions
• Access to a bi-weekly newsletter

The web site is primarily public, although to participate in the forum a user must be registered. When registering some individual business data is requested so that portions of the site can be tailored to particular needs as the depth of the site progresses.

“We are new and have a long way to go”, said Nelson, “but it’s a start. As we grow, it will be feedback from the users on what they need and how they would like it presented, that is going to help shape the site and make it successful”.

Log on to to learn more about this new resource for Wisconsin’s Nursery Industry.

Eileen Nelson
UW Madison Department of Horticulture