WISPER — helpful hints:

Information on Advance Account Requests, WISPER Businesss Practices, WISPER Updates …

Advance Account Requests: Ginger Freitag in CALS Research Division is handling all Advance Account requests. WISPER facilitates the request process. For guidance, RSP’s WISPER site provides a handy Desk Reference which you can access at As you have questions or need assistance, you can contact Ginger by email or phone 0-1648.
NOTE: Do not create a new record request in WISPER — go to the original record and do an approval request.

WISPER Business Processes: To help guide folks regarding the flow of business processes for various transactions, a spreadsheet is available which lists transactions and how they should be processed. This guide is available on CALS Research Division website at

WISPER Updates: A few updates were made to WISPER May 9th. The items affected include status updates, PI signature, approval emails, project type, finalized agreements, and SPO updates. For details, see RSP’s website at