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See Spring 2008 newsletter for information on:

(1) System Enhancements and New Functionality
(2) Tips for Preventing Grant Fraud
(3) Using Compatible Software
(4) Applicant Tips and Other Resources Available to Help with the Grant Process reminder from RSP: Cayuse provides UW applicants a forms independent way to submit applications to CALS requires that you use Cayuse for any submissions that are supported by Cayuse. Unfortunately, there are some programs that Cayuse does not yet support — information about these programs is available at:

If your program is not supported, you will need to use the form set available for download at These forms are transitioning from PureEdge to Adobe. Adobe however is VERY sensitive to what version is used to download, open, edit & submit the application. Much information is circulating in the community about the correct version of the forms required. Information posted at: provides some guidance. has also posted information on their site: providing information about the appropriate version.