Research effort on import safety is winner in $100,000 research competition

An effort entitled “Managing Challenges of Import Safety in a Global Market,” in which CALS scientists will lend a hand, was one of three winners of research collaborative competition sponsored by the UW-Madison Center for World Affairs and the Global Economy (WAGE). Each of the three winning projects will receive $100,000 over three years. Through these awards, WAGE seeks to catalyze cutting edge research on important challenges related to globalization and its governance. The three collaboratives cover the critical topics of import safety, energy and biofuels, and the changing role of law and the state in economic development.

“Managing Challenges of Import Safety in a Global Market” builds on expertise in the College of Engineering, Law School, School of Business, and the School of Human Ecology as well as CALS. It will examine market, regulatory, and hybrid approaches to managing risk from contamination of food commodities in the global supply chain. This project will evaluate the relative capacity of national regulatory systems, international standards, and market forces to provide, individually or in various combinations, the necessary resources and incentives to address the problem of product safety through efficient testing, inspection, and quality control. In the process, this project seeks to identify cost-effective, risk-based strategies for inspection, auditing, and sampling of imported food.

Each of the three research collaboratives will enrich the campus community by bringing in distinguished visitors, holding conferences, advancing important research questions, developing critical web and data resources, training graduate students, and sharing their expertise with the businesses, government, and the public of Wisconsin.