Tips for submitting articles

  • Put the good stuff up front. Put your key message in the first two or three sentences, because that’s usually all that appears on the main online page. That’s what tells readers whether or not to click on the link.
  • If there’s a website with more info, please provide the link.
  • If it’s an event, add it to the UW-Madison events calendar and send us the link.
  • Please provide contact info — who readers should phone or email for more information.
  • Instead of forwarding an email to us, please see if your email software offers a “redirect” or “send message as new” option, or something along those lines. This preserves the original formatting, which makes it easier to cut and paste without a lot of cleanup, which means less opportunity for errors to creep in.
  • Can we attach documents? You bet. PDFs, MS Word files, etc. More correctly, we can make them available for download by readers. No server-choking megafiles, please.
  • Can we post photos? Yes again. If you think it will enhance your message, send them along. Small jpegs please.
  • Don’t be surprised if we edit your announcement. Not for the heck of it, but if we think we can add clarity, we’ll do it.
  • If you have questions, send them to or call Bob Mitchell at 262-3172.