WISDM updates

Initially after Program Release, the project search in WISDM was incorrectly showing F&A (overhead, indirect) encumbrances. Encumbrances were incorrectly including February F&A payment. F&A should now be showing as a budget line item (shown under Overhead section in WISDM). F&A costs will no longer be encumbered. F&A will be calculated and applied to the project at end of month.

F&A encumbrance balances on all active Grant projects were removed on Thursday night (3/20/08) in SFS/WISDM. The total balance of the award should have increased to reflect this change. It is encouraged that awards be reviewed for correctness. Please contact Sandy Fowler at 262-3947 or via email at if assistance is needed calculating the F&A amount, and or if an award remains to have F&A or balance problems.

Because of the recent F&A adjustments, CALS Research Division will be offering a training session specifically about F&A calculations. It will be offered near the end of April. Watch for a separate announcement.