Article features Ahna Skop’s interests in art/science connections

Ahna Skop’s complementary interests in art and science are mentioned in “Turning Others on to Science,” part of a publication titled Remarkable Women in Science published by the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

“She has deliberately chosen a field that depends on a visual medium – cell biology,” the article says. “When in graduate school she began what ‘a lot of people thought was crazy,’ an art show at the International C. elegans Meeting.

“It proved popular, with entries from scientists all over the world of art inspired by their research — such as electron microscope images, charcoal drawings, and even laboratory glassware sculpted into different shapes and filled with colored liquids.”

The show is now a regular event at the annual conference and is an attraction for high school students too, the article notes.

‘They get to see what the scientific community is working on and how beautiful it is,” Skop is quoted in the article. “I think scientific art is a great way of introducing people of all ages to science.”