NIH updates

NIH updates:

Notice of Legislative Mandates in Effect for FY 2008 (NOT-OD-08-041)

New legislative mandates for FY 2008:
(1) NIH Public Access Requirement (Section 218)
(2) Dissemination of False or Deliberately Misleading Scientific Information (Section 517b).
(3) Restriction on Employment of Unauthorized Alien Workers (Section 520)

FY 2007 Legislative Mandates that remain in effect are as follows:
(1) Continued Salary Limitation (Section 203)
(2) Anti-Lobbying (Section 503)
(3) Restriction on Distribution of Sterile Needles (Section 505)
(4) Acknowledgment of Federal Funding (Section 506)
(5) Restriction on Abortions (Section 507)
(6) Ban on Funding Human Embryo Research (Section 509)
(7) Limitation on Use of Funds for Promotion of Legalization of Controlled Substances (Section 510)

Update of Sample Animal Welfare Assurance (NOT-OD-08-049)