Use these resources to help keep students, faculty and staff safe

In the wake of the tragedy at Northern Illinois University, I am again asking for your help to keep all members of the UW-Madison community safe. If you become aware of a student in need of crisis support as a result of this or any other situation, please refer them to University Health Services Counseling and Consultation Services’ 24-hour crisis line, (608) 265-5600.

If you know of a faculty or staff member in need of counseling or crisis support, the Employee Assistance Office can be reached at (608) 263-2987 or by visiting

For information on how UW-Madison is prepared to protect against and respond to incidents involving student health and safety, visit the University Police Department Web site,, or the Offices of the Dean of Students Web site,

Should a student, faculty or staff member exhibit potentially dangerous or disruptive behavior and physical safety is of immediate concern, please call the University Police Department. The 911 emergency number on campus connects directly to campus police. A non-emergency line also is available at (608) 262-2957.

The Offices of the Dean of Students has created a guide to assist campus members in dealing with troubled people,

In any case in which you have a question or are seeking consultation, I urge you to use my staff as a resource by calling (608) 263-5700 and asking for a dean on call, or by calling (608) 265-5600 after hours. In particular, my staff can provide guidance on handling an escalating case or any other assistance you require.

Thank you.

Lori M. Berquam, Dean of Students