Hula-hooping, entrepreneurial CALS senior has triple success in UW innovation competitions

2008idayhooplarack_.jpgDanielle McIntosh, a CALS senior majoring in biological systems engineering, had triple success in Innovation Days competition sponsored by the UW-Madison College of Engineering. She took third prize in the Schoofs Prize for Creativity competition, third prize in the Tong Prototype Prize competition, and won the $1,000 Younkle Best Presentation Award.

All of her success was based on her invention, the Hoopla Rack, a device that enables bicycle riders to tote along 6 Hula Hoops. A patent is pending. The device was McIntosh’s senior design project. She will be graduating this spring with a BSE degree with specialization in Natural Resources and Environment engineering.

Who needs such a device? Hoop enthusiasts such as McIntosh. McIntosh makes hoops — standard, water-weighted, bean-filled and collapsible — and teaches a hooping class at a Madison-area yoga studio.

To learn more, go to her webside,, which she created “to bring the joy of hula hooping to as many people as possible.”