CALS in the News — Jan. 28 – Feb. 1

News about or of interest to CALS faculty and staff

Emerging Scholars: Class of 2008; Genetics: Cooking up Achievement
Diverse (1/10/08)
Quoted: Ahna Skop, Genetics
Quoted: Michael Culbertson, Genetics

US: Cranberry growers seek research station, vigilant on emerging water use issues
Fresh Plaza (from Agri-View) (1/28/08)
Quoted: Molly Jahn, College of Agricultural and Life Sciences, Dean

Natural Lawn Care Tips
The Capital Times (1/28/08)
Quoted: Astrid Newenhouse, Horticulture

Sale of dairy co-op proposed: Canadian cheesemaker would buy farmer-owned Alto under plan
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (1/29/08)
Quoted: Bruce Jones, Agricultural and Applied Economics

Dangerous Germs at the UW
Wisconsin Journal Sentinel (1/30/08)
Mentioned: Caitilyn Allen, Plant Pathology
Mentioned: Eric Johnson, Bacteriology
Quoted: Jan Klein, Biosafety

Many Questions Remain About Crossbreeding
The Country Today (1/30/08)
Quoted: Kent Weigel, Dairy Science
(Subscription Required), page 7B

2008 might be a year farmers will remember
The Country Today (1/30/08)
Quoted: Dan Undersander, Agronomy
(Subscription Required), page 7A

Avoid snow overloads on roofs
The Country Today (1/30/08)
Quoted: Brian Holmes, Biological Systems Engineering
Quoted: David Kammel, Biological Systems Engineering, Center for Dairy Profitability
(Subscription Required), page 5

Topics of Interest

State of the Union: Bush endorses funding for stem cell research that does not destroy embryos
Wisconsin Technology Network (1/28/08)
Mentioned: James Thomson, School of Medicine and Public Health

Study Gives Key Role to Sleep in Helping Brain Learn Anew
The New York Times (1/29/08)
Quoted: Giulio Tononi, School of Medicine and Public Health
Quoted: Chiara Cirelli, School of Medicine and Public Health

State campuses to host teach-in: ‘Focus the Nation’ to call attention to climate change
The Country Today (1/30/08)
(Subscription Required), page 7A