Sick leave policy update

As previously reported in eCALS, the Board of Regents new UW System reporting requirements went into effect on January 1, 2008. However, a new form for reporting sick leave will not be available until April 1. In the new system, you report sick leave in half or full days, rather than in hours. We recommend you report your sick leave according to the new policy on the existing form. If the time away from work is from two hours to less than 6 hours sick leave, you report a half day (4 hours). If you’re away from work for 6 or more hours you must report a full day (8 hours). If your time away from work is less than 2 hours you report nothing. The new policy does not allow for colleague coverage. So, if the instructor for a course is ill and the class is taught by a colleague, the instructor must report sick leave.

Frank Kooistra
Associate Dean