Grade Changes can now be done on-line!

Instructors who have “approval” access to final grade rosters through the Faculty Center on MyUW Madison can now make grade changes electronically instead of using the paper grade change form.

The instructor grade change process works in this way:

  1. Log in to MyUW Madison and, on the Academic tab, click on the Faculty Center. The current term Faculty Center page should open up. Select the appropriate term for the grade change.
  2. Access the “posted” (indicated by something which looks like a post it note with a tack in it) grade roster in the Faculty Center. Grade change requests are requests which are made after final grades have been posted to the student’s record. They can be made at any time after the posting of the roster. They can be done on any course taught by the instructor who had “approval” (ability to enter and submit the grades in the system) for that particular section of that particular course. If the student is not listed on the grade roster, this is probably because they added the class after grading had begun for the term. For those students, a paper grade change form will still need to be utilized.
  3. Click on the “Request Grade Change” button for an individual student.
  4. In the box labeled “Change Grade to”, put in the appropriate grade.
  5. Select a reason from the provided drop down list of reasons.
  6. Enter the date completed. If additional work was completed, hence the grade change, this is the date that the student completed the work. If the student is expected to graduate in the term of the grade change, it is vital that the date be before the last day of the term.
  7. Click the “Submit to Academic Dean’s Office” and the grade change request will be routed to the student’s dean’s office for review.
  8. Press the “Return” button and repeat this process for any other grade change requests for other students in the class that need to be made.

The grade change request is then sent to the individual(s) responsible for processing grade changes in the appropriate dean’s office, and, if approved, sent on to the Office of the Registrar for entry into ISIS. Departmental personnel are not included in this approval loop (this change in process was approved by the Associate Administrative Council composed of Assistant and Associate Deans from each school/college).

This method of changing grades is not mandatory, but it is strongly recommended. Paper grade change forms will still be accepted and may be necessary in some cases. Please do not submit a grade change electronically and also send a paper grade change form. That will create confusion.

Situations in which a paper grade change will be needed:

  1. Student is not on the grade roster.
  2. The instructor is not available (absent, no longer a university employee, etc.)
  3. The instructor is a Law School of Medicine and Public Health faculty member who uses internal college processes for grading.
  4. The instructor does not have access to the individual grade roster for the class.

More detailed documentation for instructors, dean’s personnel, and inquiry users of an E-Grade Changes page being developed, are being prepared and will be available soon either through the ISIS web page at or on the Office of the Registrar home page

There are a few things you might need to know in addition:

1. E-grade change request can only be made on individual grade rosters. Currently, we have not completed work that will allow access through “aggregate” (cross-listed rosters assembled into one roster) or “packaged” (individual lab or lecture section grade rosters packaged into 1 larger roster). Some snooping through rosters may be required if you do not know which section a student was enrolled in.
2. Timetable setup for e-grading only extends back to Fall 2004-2005. It may not be possible to do grade changes electronically at this time for grade changes predating that semester. Those grade changes can be done by submitting paper forms.
Please call 262-4859 or email if you have any questions about the e-grade change process.
Office of the Registrar and the Grade Change Subcommitee of the Associate Administrative Council.