Series of public conferences: New directions in visual culture

Visual Culture at UW-Madison is presenting a Series of Public Conferences: New Directions in Visual Culture in 2008-2009. Since 2002, Visual Culture at UW-Madison has been supporting cutting-edge creative production and interdisciplinary research programming, and community outreach activities in the new and developing field of Visual Culture studies. Visual Culture forges vital connections and collaborations between the study and practice of the visual with bridges across the arts, humanities, social sciences, and sciences

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February 7-8, 2008
Visualizing Science with Michael E. Lynch (Professor and Director of Science and Technology Studies at Cornell University)

April 10-11, 2008
Interdisciplinarity and the University Art Museum with Alan Shestack, Deputy Director and Chief Curator at the National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC

Co-sponsored by the Eye Research Institute, Houston Retinal Research Institute, Dan Albert MD, Professor Arthur Pollans, Tracy Perkins, and Interdisciplinary Eye and Visualizing Studies