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Reminder and warning on posting students’ grades

As the semester draws to a close and grades for students come due, it might be useful to remember that student grades are protected under FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act). If you post grades, they must not contain any information that allows identification of students — names, ID#’s, Soc. Sec. numbers, etc. As noted in the following excerpt from the registrar, you don’t need to post or let students know their grades other than through their MyUW account. As soon as you submit a grade, students can see it the next day at the latest. It is not necessary to post grades and risk the possibility of violating the law.

CAUTION: By federal law, students must not be given access to the grades of others, nor have their own grades released without their consent. As soon as grades are submitted electronically and posted (nightly), students can access their grades by means of My UW Madison on the web; or by means of a campus transcript in Suite 7223, 21 N. Park Street. It is therefore not necessary to post grades on office doors or departmental bulletin boards, nor give students their grades over the telephone. Please do not compromise your students’ rights to privacy. Submit your grades as early as you can, and the students will have secure access to them.

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