Wanted: Suggestions of people to feature in Wisconsin Idea profiles

Staff working on the Wisconsin Idea Project just completed a full year of biweekly profiles of people who represent great examples of the Wisconsin Idea in action.

This project will continue in 2008 and CALS would like to invite you to forward future candidates for these profiles. Here are some characteristics of faculty or staff that would make great candidates:

— Faculty and staff who devote a consistent amount of time to working with state constituents: employers, entrepreneurs, civic leaders, legislators, consumers, patients, etc.

— People whose work demonstrates some kind of direct benefit to state citizens. Ask: Does this really matter to me in some way? My family? My business? My health?

— Bonus points for work that is being done around the state, and not
just Madison and Dane County.

Staff associated with the Wisconsin Idea Project will be able to provide writing and editorial support for the stories you pitch. But if you would like to volunteer to write one, even better. It is requested that you send names to Brian Mattmiller at ________ by Dec. 7th — however, nominations and story ideas are always welcomed.

For reference, here are a few examples of past profiles:

— Meg Gaines:

— Jordan Gerth:

— Ken Nordlund: