Annual UW-Madison Teaching Assistant Awards

In order to recognize excellence on the part of campus teaching assistants, the College of Letters and Science, with funding support from the Graduate School, administers four campus-wide awards for teaching assistants. These awards are open to all UW-Madison TAs. They recognize:

  • outstanding and inspirational performance on the part of new TAs those with fewer than four semesters of teaching experience;
  • TAs who, in addition to their regular duties, perform exceptional service related to the educational mission of their department (volunteer efforts, committee work, mentoring, etc.);
  • TAs who bring extraordinary creativity to their work and have developed or adapted new teaching methods or techniques;
  • Ph.D. TAs who have performed as outstanding teachers throughout their UW-Madison tenure (nominees should be at the end of their graduate careers and planning to defend their dissertations by the end of the school year).

Each department may nominate up to three TAs per year and you may distribute those nominations across categories as you see fit,
but a department or program may nominate an individual TA in only one of the four categories per year. Look for detailed descriptions of the
awards, eligibility criteria, a list of required nomination materials, and a copy of the nomination form at
Nominations are due Friday, November 9. If you have any questions about the awards or the nomination procedures, contact Brian Bubenzer (, 265-0603).

Please keep these campus-wide awards in mind as you review the performance of your TAs. These awards provide a modest source of
financial support, but more importantly carry public recognition of the contributions our outstanding TAs make to their departments and to the
campus at large.

— Martin Cadwallader, Dean, Graduate School and Gary Sandefur, Dean, College of Letters and Science