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The latest UW-Madison Administrative News is available online and reprinted below.

The September, 2007 issue is now available in Internet (HTML) format, Word

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Statistical Reports



Strategic Plan Updates:

* Accounting System Cycle Improvements


*Student Financial Cycle Improvements


* Payroll/Benefits Cycle Improvements


* Purchasing Improvement Project Updates



Orientation/Training Available


* Signing Documents

* Relationship with the UW Foundation

* How To Pages

* The Program Release


Accounting Services


* APPO Project Follow Up


Human Resources


* Benefits 101

* Benefits Fair

* Fall Enrollment Opportunities

* Permanent Resident (Green) Cards with No Expiration Date

* Visa ‘Bulletin-Gate’

* IFSS Web

* Welcome Jennie Taylor!

* Reminder – All New Employees Should be Asked to Complete a W-4 and

Direct Deposit Form


Purchasing Services/Materials Distribution Services (MDS)


* FedEx Box Removal and Account Numbers

* Security Camera’s on Campus

* Vendor Management System (VMS) and Information Technology Services

* Moving Day for MDS/SWAP is Almost Here!

* SWAP Additional Hours and Sales for the Move


Risk Management


* New Employee

* Laptops and Commercial Airlines

* CISI Applications


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