Women Faculty Mentoring Program offers opportunities for tenured and untenured women faculty

The University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Women Faculty Mentoring Program has provided mentoring, learning and networking opportunities for untenured women faculty since 1989. Today, about 45 percent of women assistant professors are matched with senior women faculty mentors through the program. The Women Faculty Mentoring Program does not replace the need for the department to assign a guidance committee or mentor; rather, it offers additional information and resources that build upon the work of departmental mentoring relationships. In 1997, the program’s mission was expanded to include services for tenured women. Many women hired with tenure now receive an initial orientation to our campus through the program.

In addition to pairing experienced mentors with incoming women faculty, the Women Faculty Mentoring Program facilitates the formation of peer mentoring groups. These informal networks are intended to foster collegiality, promote learning, spark new ideas for research, and help women find their way throughout the university. For the first time this year, in addition to independently formed groups, we are supporting “new moms” groups in each of the four divisions.

Finally, the program hosts a number of events, including a mentoring lunch to introduce the program, a fall reception, and a conversation series on topics of interest to women faculty. Details and online registration are available on our 2007-2008 calendar:

Please encourage women faculty in your department to consider participating in the program as either a mentee or mentor and to attend these worthwhile seminars.

In addition, please save the date for the annual Reception for Newly Promoted and Tenured Women (Thursday, 8 November, 4-5:30, University Club).