Supplemental funding available for international components of new or continuing NSF projects

All NSF directorates and offices fund international science and engineering research and education activities. Investigators seeking funding for international collaborative research may include an international component in new proposals submitted to their relevant NSF research program, or request supplemental funding to add international collaboration to projects supported by current NSF grants.

OISE works closely with other NSF directorates and offices to co-fund innovative, catalytic new awards and supplements that promote research excellence through international collaboration and develop the next generation of globally engaged U.S. scientists and engineers. OISE criteria for co-funding include:

  • True intellectual collaboration with a foreign partner (The foreign partner’s 2-page biographical sketch, communication outlining their role in the project, and a letter of endorsement from the foreign institution should be included.)
  • New international collaborations, as opposed to well-established ones;
  • Benefits to be realized from the expertise and specialized skills, facilities, and/or resources of the foreign collaborator; and
  • Active research engagement of U.S. students and junior researchers at the foreign site.

Investigators should consult early in the application process with both the relevant disciplinary program manager and OISE country program manager.

OISE also directly administers a number of solicitations that support international research and education activities. See Programs and Funding Opportunities below, as well as OISE Regional Opportunities.

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