Courses can help enhance college teaching skills

Do you know any graduate students who are interested in deepening their mastery of college teaching? Several Fall and Spring 2007-08 courses about higher education teaching may be of interest, especially to doctoral students and perhaps faculty members.

The instructor is Alan B.Knox , founding member and early chair of the UW Madison Teaching Academy, whose graduate teaching and research has long focused on helping adults learn. The four course syllabi are posted on the departmental website at (click on syllabi, semester, and course number).

Seminar sessions are scheduled on Tuesday evenings in room 218 Educational Sciences, 1025 W. Johnson. Access and flexibility is enhanced by use of distance education audio and computer conferencing through Learn@UW. The Fall courses are ELPA 305-746 Adult Learner: Implication for Curriculum and Instruction; and ELPA 305-730 Program Development in Continuing Education. The Spring courses are ELPA 305-742 Facilitating Learning for Adults; and ELPA 305-826 Evaluation for Administrative Decision Making. Each course emphasizes applications to the student’s content area.

One or more of these and other courses related to higher education teaching can be taken as electives or as a minor. For
additional information contact: Alan B. Knox,, 263-2937; or Shari Smith,, 263-2701.