Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center coming to Madison

GLBRC press event A consortium of universities, government laboratories and businesses led by the University of Wisconsin-Madison to explore the vast potential of bioenergy was awarded one of three major new U.S. Department of Energy research centers, it was announced Tuesday, June 26. The award, in the neighborhood of $125 million over five years, establishes the Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center (GLBRC), where scientists and engineers will conduct basic research toward a suite of new technologies to help convert cellulosic plant biomass – cornstalks, wood chips and perennial native grasses – to sources of energy for everything from cars to electrical power plants.

“The funding of this center provides a unique opportunity for Wisconsin and the Midwest to be leaders in the process that transforms the way we produce and use energy,” says Tim Donohue, the UW-Madison professor of bacteriology who, with Michigan State University (MSU) professor of plant biology Ken Keegstra, helped orchestrate the initiative to secure the new award.

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