Opportunities to lead USAID-funded ag projects in Ethiopia this summer

The Farmer-to-Farmer Program, administered by Virginia State University, is looking for farmers, extension agents and university staff to lead projects this summer in Ethiopia.

The program is funded by USAID and provides agricultural technical assistance to farmers, agribusiness people, extension agents and agricultural lenders in central and northern Ethiopia. This is a volunteer program that pays all the project-associated costs, including airplane tickets, meals, hotel, travel insurance and visa. There is no salary. Applicants must be U.S. citizens and carry an American passport. Women and people of color are encouraged to apply.

Interested parties can contact Mary Albrecht, project recruiter, at or by phone at 715-257-7647 between 8-12 and 1-5 CST.

The following is a list of projects the Farmer-to-Farmer program would like to fill this summer for July, August and September:

Aquaculture Marketing Project. Location: Bahir Dar, Northern Ethiopia. Emphasis is on developing a marketing plan for ARARI advising them on marketing Tilapia. Length of the project is 2-3 weeks with travel to and from the United States. The project would begin in July or August. Prefer an aquaculture farmer, or technician with hands-on experience in raising tilapia and marketing Tilapia.

Dairy Management and Processing. Location of the project: Central Ethiopia. The volunteer will make recommendations on improving dairy management and processing of raw milk with options to produce new diary products. The volunteer should have hands-on dairy management skill, operating a farm, and knowledge of milk handling techniques. Project time July, August, September, 2-3 weeks.

Livestock Slaughter and Marketing:.Location of Project: Central Ethiopia, The volunteer with help develop a marketing plan and advise on export of carcass out of country probably Saudi Arabia. Volunteer should have a background in livestock management and slaughter standards, as well as marketing experience. Beef cattle farmers are encouraged to apply. Project dates: July, August, September. 2-3 weeks

Potato Storage. Location of the Project: Northern Ethiopia, The volunteer will design appropriate potato storage for local farmers.
The volunteer should have hands-on experience in potato storage standards, underground storage, potato grading systems and seed potato selection standards. Project dates: July, August, or September. 2-3 weeks

Small Ruminants Marketing Project. Location of the project: Northern Ethiopia, The volunteer will provide a marketing plan for the sale of sheep and goats within Ethiopia and for export. The volunteer should be a sheep or goat farmer, that raises sheep or goats for meat, are knowledgeable about slaughtering practices, and market their products locally or into state markets. Or be an extension agent who specializes in small ruminants and marketing. The project will take place in July, August or September. 2-3 weeks.

Small Ruminants Coop Development Project. Location of the project: Northern Ethiopia. The volunteer will work at the grass roots level with farmers to help develop a marketing strategy for sell their sheep and goats. The volunteer should have small ruminant background and marketing experience. Farmers and ag agents are encouraged to apply. The project will take place in July, august and September, 2-3 weeks.

Virginia State University Farmer-to-Farmer program is also recruiting for potential volunteers who have the following skills:

1. Tomato and pepper seeding culture, marketing and packaging
2. Marketing and production of strawberries
3. Grape production
4. Wheat production
5. Flour milling and advising on designing and building a flour mill
6. Lentil bean production and processing
7. Banking and agricultural lending and training of Ethiopian Bankers
8. Dairy calf raising practices

If you are interested and have the skills in the above mention areas please contact:
Mary Albrecht, Project Recruiter
Email address:
Phone: 715-257-7647