Funds for minor remodeling projects

The University’s Space and Remodeling Policies Committee (SRPC) is calling for proposals for minor remodeling projects. The fund 101 minor remodeling exercise and the fund 150 minor remodeling exercise are combined into one call for proposals. However, the two sources of funds remain separate in the sense that the 101 minor remodeling exercise is directed primarily at instructional proposals while the fund 150 minor remodeling exercise is directed at research. Allocations to each of the funds are very limited.

To be considered for a minor remodeling exercise, please fill out the form titled “Request for Remodeling Projects” available at This form must be completed and submitted to Physical Plant for a cost assessment. The cost estimate is required with your remodeling request.

Requests, including cost estimates, must be submitted by September 4, 2007 to Frank Kooistra, CALS Associate Dean for Administration, in 140 Agricultural Hall. The final ranking of proposals from within CALS will be made by the CALS Facilities Committee, before being sent for final consideration by the UW-Madison Space and Remodeling Policies Committee.

If you have questions, please contact Frank Kooistra at 2-9812 or