CALS in the News (May 13

News articles featuring or of interest to CALS faculty and staff (May 13–26)

Reports from the Wisconsin Ideas Seminar – UW Communications

Letter backs animal health facility — Milw. Journal-Sentinel
(Vet school dean Daryl Buss on NBAF)

Study explores effectiveness of rain gardens – UW Communications
(features John Stier, horticulture)

Wisconsin Homegrown Lunch – Local, Healthy Food For Schools – WISC editorial

Entire state would benefit from national lab siting – Racine Journal Times

State keeps eye on bee disorder – Wisc. State J.

Abuzz over bees – Wisc. State J.
(quotes Phil Pellitteri, entomology)

Hottest Frozen Treats –
(quoted: Bill Klein, dairy plant manager for the Babcock Hall Dairy Plant)

Young farmers: Back to the land, on a budget – Wisconsin State Journal
(Quotes Steve Deller, Ag. and Applied Econ., and Dick Cates, Ctr. for Integrated Ag. Systems)

State Offers $1M Financial Package To New Stem Cell Company – WISC TV
(Gabriela Cezar, Animal Sciences)

Chicken in the city – The Scientist
(quotes Ron Kean, animal sciences)

Madison stem cell company receives $1 million from state – Lacrosse Tribune

UW, town in tiff over lab turf – Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

Worker dies from injuries in fall – Capital Times

UW to open stem-cell center – Wisc. State Journal

BU picks Wisc. administrator as dean – Boston Globe

Stem cell and regenerative medicine center to aid education and commerce – Wisconsin Technology Network

Legislature should look to Wisconsin’s natural energy advantages – Wisconsin Technology Network