LA students complete renovation of historic Ag Hall courtyard

Next time you’re in Ag Hall, check out the wonderful little courtyard at the rear of the building. Last October, students from the College’s landscape architecture department began work on a project to rehabilitate the small courtyard adjacent to the department’s Ag Hall studio. This spring they completed the job by installing plants.

The plants were donated by Dave Watts, owner of Watts Landscaping, who recently returned to the UW-Madison to complete his master’s degreen in LA.

According to Dan Williams, ASLA, the site is historically significant and was originally designed by Professor Franz Aust. The stone wall Aust designed and built is still in place and forms the northwest corner of the courtyard. The site will be submitted to the Historic American Landscape Survey (HALS) in the near future. The project received a matching grant from American Society of Landscape Architecture through the ASLA Wisconsin chapter. Student groups submitted proposals to the Wisconsin ASLA chapter as part of a design competition. Williams, who served as a member of that jury, said the students formed teams of sophomore, junior, and senior members and that each team prepared outstanding submittals, with the winning team ultimately incorporating ideas from all submittals into the final design.