Funding opportunities — emphasis on the National Science Foundation (NSF)

Each year, NSF funds approximately 10,000 new awards, with an average duration of three years. NSF has many funding opportunities available to investigators in CALS, supporting scientific and engineering research, discoveries and technological advances, equipment/infrastructure, education, graduate fellowships … see NSF’s “NSF at a Glance” for more detailed information about NSF and their areas of support at

Please consider submitting an NSF application! CALS investigators have been very diligent in submissions to NSF and very successful. Yet, an increase in the application rate to NSF from individuals in CALS is encouraged. If you have never considered this agency, please take some time to become more familiar with the NSF and the funding opportunities available.

Each issue of eCALS will include recent NSF opportunities posted through announcements. In addition, you can search both the and NSF sites on a regular basis for information.

See NSF’s Find Funding page at and’s Find Grant Opportunities for NSF page at

Here’s a great NSF opportunity just announced:
NSF 07-560
Research Initiation Grants and Career Advancement Awards to Broaden Participation in Biology (RIG CAA BP)

This announcement offers two funding opportunities under the solicitation:

1. Research Initiative Grants (RIG)
RIG awards are for beginning investigators to undertake activities, such as acquisition of preliminary data or development of collaborators, that will lead to formulation of competitive grant applications.


2. Career Advancement Awards (CAA)
CAA awards are intended to provide support for scientists other than beginning investigators to undertake specific activities that will enhance their career development and competitiveness for research funds, for example, by acquiring new tools or skills to address contemporary research questions in biology.
[See the full announcement for complete information about this opportunity.]

If you have questions regarding NSF or other agency opportunities, please do not hesitate to contact CALS Research Division. Meredith Luschen ( and Becky Bound ( are available to assist you with your application and submission.