Yves Berger honored by animal sciences group for his international work

Yves Berger, Superintendent at the Spooner Agricultural Research Station, will receive the American Society of Animal Science Bouffault International Animal Agriculture Award at the groups annual meeting in San Antonio in July 2007.

The award recognizes distinguished service to animal agriculture in developing areas of the world. The award is made annually to a person who has “made a meritorious contribution by way of teaching, research or other service to animal agriculture in one or more areas of the developing world over a period of five or more years.

Berger has devoted more than 30 years to development and conduct of sheep management research projects throughout the state, nation and the world. Working with animal sciences professor David Thomas (a 2005 recipient of the Bouffault award), he has developed the College’s dairy sheep research program at Spooner to become one of the world’s premier dairy sheep research programs.

He came to the UW-Madison with considerable experience working with international sheep development projects, and while at UW-Madison, he has done consulting projects in Albania, Macedonia, Armenia and Kosovo. His groundbreaking genetics and breeding, lactation strategies, lamb production, animal identification, marketing and cheese development has been disseminated worldwide.