Security change regarding employees’ social security numbers

To eliminate the use of social security numbers wherever feasible to protect employee’s personal information, we are now accessing all payroll information for CALS’ employees using the employee’s Person ID number.

The Person ID number can be found in 3270 transaction APPR. It is the “ID” listed at the top of the screen after the employee’s name. Please use the Person ID number in place of the employee’s social security number on all documentation submitted to CALS Payroll.

The Person ID number is also acceptable on time sheets in place of the social security number. Pay Data will be changed to show just the last four digits of the social security number in the near future. If this creates problems within your departmental payroll system, please contact CALS Payroll staff and we will work with you on an individual basis. PLEASE NOTE — Social security numbers are still required on insurance forms.