Year-end fiscal deadlines fast approaching

It’s already mid-April. Before we know it, it will be June and our fiscal year will be ending June 30, 2007. Do NOT delay in processing transfers and other fiscal transactions. Past years have experienced excessive numbers of transfers/transactions being submitted in the last two months, and even the last several weeks, of the fiscal year. There is NO guarantee that all transfers/transactions will be processed if volume is extreme. Departments/Centers are encouraged to eliminate unnecessary transfers/transactions and to implement procedures for responsible financial/project management. Timely monitoring of accounts, especially in the last quarter of the fiscal year, is strongly encouraged.

Sandy Fowler in CALS Research Division is your contact regarding transfers on extramurally sponsored projects. Sandy can be reached at 2-3947. Please do not hesitate to contact Sandy for assistance with preparing transfers, requests for prior review, questions of allowability, allocability, and reasonableness, or other transfer issues.

In regard to transfers which involve problems or require changes/corrections, rapid response/resolution is encouraged. Please provide the information, documentation, or paperwork requested by Sandy within one week. If a response, documentation, or paperwork is not received within two weeks, the costs in question will be moved to your department’s 133 indirect cost account so as not to delay the pending transfer. Department 133 indirect cost accounts are unrestricted and can be used as temporary holding accounts for actions of this type. We appreciate your assistance in timely resolution of these matters

Note: a training session was held in March regarding Cost Transfers. The PowerPoint presentation from this session is available on our website at for your reference.