April 3 is deadline for USDA’s paid international And D.C. internships for fall ’07

The USDA’s International Agricultural Internship Program is looking for a few outstanding senior and graduate level college and university students to work in its offices to promote U.S. agricultural interests through the International Agricultural Internship Program (IAIP) for FALL 2007.

The USDA’s Foreign Agricultural Service, one of the four U.S. government foreign service agencies, places about 10 students each semester (fall, spring and summer) with excellent analysis, marketing, writing, language and organizational skills and experience to work on international agricultural trade policy issues, commodity and market analysis and organizing trade events in our overseas offices for a 10-16 week paid internship.

U.S. citizen students majoring in a business or science related agricultural field — i.e. ag econ, econ, finance, business or marketing, international studies or relations, law or in a biotechnology program — are eligible.

Online registration for the fall semester closes April 3, 2007. The spring 2008 application deadline is August 18, 2007 and the summer 2008 application deadline is November 15, 2007. We encourage you to check the website two months before the deadline to see if any deadline changes have been made.

For more information about FAS internship programs, please click on For further information, email: