Use these fringe benefit rates for developing research proposals in FY08

Fringe benefit rates for the July 1, 2007, through June 30, 2008, have been announced and will be posted on RSP’s website The new rates are provided below and should be used in proposal/application development.

  • 37.5% — Regular faculty and academic staff
  • 46.5% — Regular classified
  • 24.5% — Research associates and grad interns
  • 27.5% — Research assistants, project assistants, teaching assistants, pre-doc felloiws, and/or trainees
  • 13.5% — Post-doc fellows and/or trainees
  • 17.5% — LTEs
  • 6.0% — Ad hoc program specialists, undergraduate assistants, and undergraduate interns
  • 2.0% — Student hourly employes

Note DHHS F&A Agreement date change:
Many proposals/applications require the date when our most recent negotiated rate (F&A) agreement was signed by our cognizant federal agency. DHHS is our cognizant agency. With the fringe benefit rate changes incorporated into our current rate agreement, the current agreement date is now March 5, 2007.