Changes to student employee definition

On January 5, 2007, the Board of Regents approved changes to the definition of a Student Employee. The entire policy can be found online at

The biggest change for CALS Departments and Centers is the following:
“Student employee” is defined as an unclassified employee, at least sixteen (16) years old, of the University of Wisconsin System who is registered/enrolled for academic credit at an educational institution for the current or upcoming semester. An educational institution shall be defined as:

  1. an accredited institution of higher learning granting associate degrees or higher;
  2. a technical college;
  3. a vocational or trade school; and
  4. a high school.

Eligibility for summer employment extends to (a) students enrolled for the summer term, (b) students registered during the prior spring term who are planning to continue as students during the fall semester or (c) new students or pre-registered continuing students accepted for the next fall term.
If you currently have individuals who have been hired as a limited term employee (LTE) but now meet the new definition of a student employee, you may now terminate their LTE appointment and appoint them as a student hourly.

Questions have been raised regarding the Student FICA Exemption. Business Services will be issuing a follow-up to this announcement in order to address these questions. Immediate questions can be directed to Natalie Ben-Zikri at 262-2034 or Tonya Messer at 262-1874.